Comprehensive Planning Land Use Workshop

Hinchey Kruger NYS STR Bill Analysis
The purpose of this bill analysis/summary is to provide an educational summary to the public of the provisions of the Hinchey-Kruger Short Term Rental Bill. The Bill purports to regulate short-term rentals at the state level and to apply taxes to them. This analysis highlights the specific policies contained within the Act and a copy of the Bill sponsor’s summary is appended. Defines “Short-Terms Rental Units” as: “An entire dwelling unit, or a room, group of rooms, other living or sleeping space, or any other space within a dwelling, made available for rent by guests for less than thirty consecutive days, where the unit is offered for tourist or transient use by the short-term rental host of the residential unit. Read more

Summer Renting Reminder
Oneida Lake VRA Issues Renting Reminder for the start of Summer Booking Season We understand that being a host is more than just providing a place to stay - it’s about being a responsible and respectful member of the community. As you welcome guests into your properties, we encourage you to promote good community membership and encourage your visitors to be mindful of their impact on those around them. Please remind your guests of the rules and guidelines set forth by your community and property management, such as noise restrictions, parking regulations, and the number of guests allowed. Read more

Vacation Rental Economic Impact Report
This original study conducted by the Oneida Lake Vacation Renters Alliance analyses publicly available tax data from Onondaga County and data provided by Airbnb. The study shows that vacation rentals in Onondaga County contribute up to $3.3 billion in economic activity in the county. The study and the sources can be found here