Sullivan Town Meeting 01/01/23
Sullivan Town Board (Feb 1, 2023): Oneida Lake VRA Sullivan Town Captain Jen Hungate talks to the Town of Sullivan Board about important reason to keep vacation homes legal! Take a watch.

Cicero Town meeting 01/25/23
Town of Cicero January 25, 2023

Syracuse.com OP-ED
ICYMI: Oneida VRA board member Randal John Meyer wrote in the syracuse.com about an important reason to keep vacation homes legal! Take a read. New Yorkers hear a lot about how our state is shrinking. Southward migration of New Yorkers outpacing New York’s population growth is nothing new, and everyone has a theory about why. Many will blame Albany, some will blame the weather, but in my case, it was my career that brought me South, first from Rochester to Binghamton where I studied at SUNY, then to Brooklyn for law school, and now sadly out of the Empire State to Washington, D. Read more

I heart radio Morning News
Listen to OLVRA Board member Christine Ravold David Allen has Oneida Lake VRA President and Cicero homeowner Christine Ravold back on to updated on the Town of Cicero’s wise decision to delay its ban and the need for the Town to nix the idea altogether! Take a listen. Listen Here