Summer Renting Reminder

Oneida Lake VRA Issues Renting Reminder for the start of Summer Booking Season

We understand that being a host is more than just providing a place to stay - it’s about being a responsible and respectful member of the community. As you welcome guests into your properties, we encourage you to promote good community membership and encourage your visitors to be mindful of their impact on those around them.

Please remind your guests of the rules and guidelines set forth by your community and property management, such as noise restrictions, parking regulations, and the number of guests allowed. Encourage them to respect the environment by properly disposing of trash and avoiding damage to natural resources. Your role as a host also includes being a good neighbor. Consider introducing your guests to your community and sharing information about local events and attractions. Encourage them to shop at local businesses and dine at nearby restaurants, helping to support the local economy. Factor in your neighbors to your house rules and be sure to be available in the event they need to contact you. By promoting good community membership, you can help preserve the beauty and integrity of the Oneida Lake region and ensure a positive experience for all. Thank you for your efforts in being a responsible host and member of the community. Oneida Lake residents interested in learning more can find the OLVRA’s online petition on, sign up for emails at, and follow the OLVRA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Published: March 31, 2023

Updated: March 31, 2023